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Good sales teams make their numbers – Great sales teams sell the right product to the right clients at the right time. The goal of Kojo Academy with smart sales enablement is to make this happen.

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How can we start a Sales Enablement Culture?

Many sales managers are increasingly considering sales enablement processes and strategies to achieve growth. However, the ongoing challenge is how to achieve this in the face of constant change of company product and the competitor landscape. In this article, we share some building blocks  so that you can get started on the sales Enablement roadmap. Typical ...

Choosing sales support materials

What content do sales people really want? Have you ever been out on a joint visit with one of the sales team and seem them using a presentation or document they created themselves? On one level, you are delighted they are adapting messages to clients. On another level, you feel a bit frustrated that the expensive ...

Sales enablement vs sales academy: Which suits your organisation best?

With so many new words and phrases entering daily work, it is a wise question to ask whether sales enablement is just a repackaging of a sales academy – a way to sex up an ageing concept.