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Kojopro is a virtual sales training platform. It contains the most effective tools & strategies used by sales experts to drive sustainable, predictable growth.


Sales Leaders determine the success of their organisations. As a Sales Leader you can transform your company performance. Our Sales Leadership Training will build your capabilities according to your context using specialised digital diagnostics in the Kojopro sales coaching platform. So your learning path is focused on what you need.

Kojo Sales Academy Leadership Training is designed to transform performance. Our programme uses a purpose-built skills platform covering a very wide range of sales leadership topics: Strategy, structure, sales process, people, procurement, negotiation, recruitment, sales enablement and more. And we can add Sales Leadership Coaching to your programme. All of this is very affordable and personalised to your development.

Kojopro’s Sales Leadership Training programme is based on a review of over 2,000 research sources, 100 leading sales texts and 200 client projects, it is objective and evidence based. Our specialists have deep experience across multiple markets, from the largest companies to small entrepreneurial businesses.

Our approach has been built by a team of sales leaders & specialists who have deep experience of driving growth. It is unrivalled in the depth and quality of its content, which is constantly growing.

See the main features of the kojopro virtual sales training platform in this video:

What benefits can Kojopro bring your organisation?


Expert input means every module in Kojopro helps you practically implement strategies & routines that positively impact your top line.

Sales Leadership Skills

No other platform offers such a wide range of specialised knowledge and competencies that are proven to grow organisations.


Your competitors do not stand still. And so Kojopro’s unrivalled content enables you to continually improve to be ‘best in class’ and stay one step ahead.

Explore the sales training platform

The ultimate virtual sales leadership training

How can kojopro help individual managers and business owners manage sales effectively?

Brilliant for team development

What features in Kojopro team skills can help you develop a team of sales managers?

100% Evidence-based approach

How do we ensure top quality content that is pragmatic and delivers results?

The perfect base for blended learning

How can you use ‘playlists’ to build a blended Sales Leadership Training programme?





Individual subscription to the entire kojopro catalogue

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Team Skills


Unique learning management features to customise and track your team’s development.

Access to the entire kojopro catalogue

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Build a customised version of kojopro aligned to your own organisational learning systems & branding

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