Pure play virtual sales training programmes

Do you want to build a world class sales virtual training programme, customised precisely to your sales environment? Combining the very best of digital technologies and high-quality behavioural coaching, we will help you create exceptional impact and results though our virtual sales training programme.

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Sales manager coaching

Do your sales managers need help in building excellent sales organisations? Are you looking for them to be more strategic in chasing revenue growth? Using our unique kojopro sales methodologies platform and a sales excellence specialist as coach, we can help them dramatically increase their effectiveness and results too. And that includes virtual sales skills.

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Sales Academy / Sales enablement design and implementation

Do you have a large sales team to train? Are you thinking about making / improving a sales academy? Confused about how to structure it? And what about sales enablement? We can help you design and implement the right approach for your context.

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Kojopro subscription service

Are you looking for a source of reliable, objective information to help improve sales management and revenue growth in your organisation? Look no further. We have spent over 10 years voraciously collecting best practices sales organisation improvement methods, so you don’t have to! Our virtual sales training platform is there for you at a touch of a button.

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Sales manager coaching package

We offer a really simple programme to help you achieve a lot
  • 6 x 90 minutes coaching with a senior sales excellence specialist
  • 1 year’s access to the virtual sales training Kojopro platform
  • Development of a custom playlist of development activities adapted to your context
  • Advice on implementation of sales methodologies to secure results
£2,500 + VAT