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Sales training – sales maturity assessment

Do you want help in identifying how to improve your sales training?

Kojo Academy - sales training we offer

Maybe you have some good initiatives in place to help sales people develop but you are not 100% satisfied with them (…and neither are they!)? Maybe your sales teams get some useful support materials from marketing, but they are ad hoc and sales people create a lot of their own custom sales training? Perhaps coaching by sales managers is inconsistent?  How effective is you organisation today in helping sales people perform? Would you like to benchmark your practices and improve them?

We won’t waste your time. We know you are already up against it. The services Kojo offers delivers targeted assessments giving you the insight to know where to focus. We will use our sales enablement maturity assessment to give you insight into your strengths and help you to focus on weaker areas. We will also help you align your management team behind an action plan.

  • Are you using the best kind of digital support?
  • How effective is your sales training?
  • Are sales and marketing well aligned with content management?
  • How well do sales managers drive performance?

We will give you insight into the best ways to accelerate your sales organisation performance. Targeted, clear and smart.

Design and delivery of sales training programmes

The sales enablement maturity assessment creates a map to excellence.

Your team need to be up to speed quickly, they need access to the right content at the right time, they need to be trained and coached to high performance. You would appreciate expert advice in building curricula and content. You may need help with onboarding sales people and reducing time to competence, creating career pathways for sales people and making sales and marketing a real asset rather than a headache. In short, you want to build a world class agile sales organisation and be the ‘employer of choice’.

We can support you by delivering your sales enablement programme.

The right interventions, focused for your context to give you the difference you are looking for.

We deliver:

  • Training and coaching capability
  • Right content, accessible at the right time
  • Training experiences – both face-to-face and multi-media including e-learning, videos and animations
  • Assessments to validate capability against performance goals.
  • Sales management performance support

We help you to design Learning Paths with digital and face-to-face elements to produce the right results. Your new recruits will reach proficiency quickly, effectively and you will be able to quickly introduce new products into the sales organisation.

And we translate all this into actual sales team results.

Custom sales training

Sales acceleration Programmes

All sales organisations seek continual performance. The competition does not stand still and nor should you.

custom sales content
We support sales organisations by ensuring improvement is built in to your practice. The sales enablement programme can be developed over time to ensure it keeps up with your sales strategy.

For example, we can:

  • Act as external advisor to the sales enablement team to evolve best practice, and cope with change.
  • Help your team diffuse best practice using the best tools available, making sharers of best practice the stars of the show!
  • Reduce sales learning curves of new product launches so that sales increase from the outset.
  • Create performance aids via mobile to give your team  reminders and lookups, just when they need it.

Tactical Enablement support

For when you need specific gaps to be filled.

You already have a lot of the basics in places and you just need help with specific gaps, for example, creation of product launch support e-learning or micro-programmes to achieve important tactical outcomes. Because our specialism is sales enablement, we can help you deliver the most impact for the least investment.

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