The power of a unique sales process

March 16, 2020 by   in kojo blog

Every organisation has a unique selling proposition or USP, but few have translated this into a unique sales process. Here’s why it’s so important you do.

Why have a sales process?

A sales process is the series of steps or actions that you follow as you lead someone from first contact to becoming a loyal, repeat customer. Every industry has its quirks and specificities and these need to be entwined in their sales process. For example, selling software can often involve product demonstrations and selling financial services can involve stringently following legal requirements. Failure to embrace these specificities in a sales process can affect its relevance and chance of sales success.

As most organisations know well, acquiring new customers can be time consuming, expensive and stressful. That’s why it’s so important to have a framework in place that keeps the process on-track and minimises time wasted on sales approaches that just don’t work.

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Why it has to be unique

There are a lot of generic, ‘vanilla’ sales processes out there, but these can be as harmful to business success as not having a USP. Every industry is different and failing to incorporate these unique pressure points into your sales process means you’ll risk alienating customers before they’ve even experienced the service you provide.

By creating a sales process that’s specific to your industry, the customers you’re targeting and your business USPs, you’ll be able to accelerate opportunities and sales. Discovering the sales processes and approaches that work for your business, and then systematically and consistently applying them to each opportunity, is key to increasing growth and conversion rates within your sales organisation.

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Why it’s about more than selling

A targeted sales process isn’t just useful for conversions, though — it can also become a core piece of knowledge for other areas of business. For example, without a well-defined, tailored sales process how do you…

  • recruit the right people?
  • train specific sales skills?
  • accurately forecast and manage opportunities?

A unique sales process is an investment that is multi-faceted and pays significant dividends for your business.

From a detailed application guide, to customisable templates that help you define the stages and actions you need to incorporate into your unique sales process — Kojopro has a number of specific resources that can help you to develop the right process for your organisation.

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