Smart sales enablement

Sales enablement – is this your challenge?

Do you encounter any of these issues?

  • Your sales team is bombarded with multiple product launches?
  • You have conflicting priorities and information?
  • Ineffective working between marketing, sales and technical roles?
  • Sales people zone out because of the overload and noise?
  • You have ineffective sales training that sales people dread?

You can address these issues with Smart Sales Enablement. Your sales team are the life blood of your company. They are not only under a lot or pressure, they also are constantly scrutinised from one month to the next.

They can be seen as the mavericks, where they are expected to handle everything without help from other teams or, just as chaotic, with significant help from everyone but not in a coordinated process. This leads to your sales team either having to create all materials themselves or they are being bombarded by disparate communications.

“sales teams that receive high quality coaching are likely to achieve up to 102% of their target”  Dettrick & Spence 2008

What Kojo Academy can offer for you!

We design and deliver smart sales enablement training – achieving intelligent collaboration between sales, marketing, product, technical, customer service and L&D.

“56% of sales teams report that growing number of leads / finding new customers is a goal in the next 12-18 months” Salesforce Report 2017

How Smart Sales Enablement will benefit your team!

This lets you:

  • Streamline communication channels with your sales teams.
  • Create clarity and avoid overload.
  • Coordinate and optimise all content for use with your potential customers.
  • Provide training in your organisation’s specific sales methodology.
  • Provide effective coaching by your sales managers in the field.
  • Detect and diffuse best practices across your sales teams.

“only 28% of sales leaders report that account management channels regularly meet their crossselling and account growth targets” Gartner report 2017

How can you start? What are your typical challenges? Three areas to get started include on-boarding, field coaching and product launch. Getting started

Sales Enablement may be a relatively new term to many sales organisations. Sharon Little’s insightful book “The Enablement Advantage” tells a good story about how she has set up and managed this emerging function in organisations such as VMware and Hyperion.

How is your sales organisation doing today? Take our self-assessment test here.

“Selling new products demands more sales time: Sales people on the average spend 35% more time on selling new products throughout the sales cycle, compared to existing products / services”  Harvard Business Review Nov. 2018