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We believe most sales organisations are on a journey to becoming world class. Where are you?

Try completing our gap analysis tool to identify sales improvement gains that you can make to become world class in smart sales enablement.

1. We have carefully reviewed how customers buy and developed a specific sales methodology around it


2. We use a blend of on-line and human to human training to embed our sales methodology


3. Our induction programme quickly brings new sales people up to speed


4. Our learning programmes keep senior people developing and engaged resulting in high retention rates


5. Sales managers receive regular support to help them coach their teams


6. We track and measure coaching by sales managers in the field


7. Our product, marketing and sales managers work very effectively together to produce relevant, adapted content that is valued by sales people


8. When we launch a new product or target a new customer group, we have the mechanisms in place to quickly effect a change of behaviour in the sales team


9. We are adept at identifying best practices in the sales team and diffusing them


10. Our sales training and content production is cost effective


Working on closing the gaps will help you to develop an agile sales organisation: One that can adapt quickly to strategy and market changes. A sales team that ‘makes the numbers’ may satisfy short term financial demands it will never enable true strategy implementation.

For help in how to close your smart sales enablement gaps, contact info@kojoacademy.com