National Sales Conference Round up

September 22, 2020 by   in kojo blog

The original version of the National Sales Conference attracts hoards of visitors at the Ricoh Stadium; so what would a virtual conference be like? And what is a virtual booth anyhow?

We were excited and nervous to be part of the first ‘digital series’ national sales conference event, exhibiting alongside companies like Salesforce, Gold Vision CRM and Allego.

About virtual conferences…

Virtual conferences REALLY work

Especially the networking facility provided by the conference platform Brella. This enabled us to have productive conversations with many potential clients.

Great for busy sales managers

Many of the people we spoke to were able to seamlessly dip in and out of sessions / networking / expo to carry on their busy lives, because so many of us are working remotely now.

Time efficient
One of the best advantages of a virtual booth is the zero physical effort involved in setting up the stand!

Virtual selling all the way
Since so many of us are selling via Zoom, Teams etc, it was a very natural experience to have video calls as part of the experience.

About the audience…

We had the opportunity to mingle with attendees as well as dip into the seminars and round-table discussions ourselves. Here are some observations and feedback we heard from a diverse group of the sales community:

Lockdown library
Many people have seized the opportunity afforded by more time at home to brush up on current sales research/trends and methodologies; this has converted into a lot more curiosity about best sales practice and research that may have been overlooked/avoided when we were out and about more. For us at the Kojo Sales Academy; this meant we had even more attention directed towards our online skills platform kojopro, a perfect companion to help make the most of your down-time for personal development. 

Adaptive collaboration
With everything going on in the world today and the rollercoaster of a year we have had so far; there was a true sense of willingness to compare notes, something that many sales professionals would think twice about! Hearing stories from sales managers radically altering their go-to approach to keep abreast of sharp market changes was inspiring. It was also telling of the levels of initiative we have to demonstrate as sales leaders to keep our organisations abreast of upheaval and change.

Burnout is back
A big topic that was discussed throughout the conference was how to deal with burn out in the post-Covid world. You may think lockdown would help free up time for sales teams; or put them completely out of action. The truth is almost the opposite. By video calling at a moment’s notice and the reduction in physical commutes; many sales people are finding that they are over-extending themselves and trying to cram more into their days than ever before. This may be an over-compensation that will decrease as more people get used to remote-selling but it is still an important factor to keep an eye on within your teams.

If you missed the conference…

If you are interested in finding out about the developments progressive sales organisations are making to stay current and win in a vastly changed trading environment, then feel free to contact us.

We can also demonstrate the kojopro platform to show you how to start building a world class sales organisation today.