Kojo – our mission

Kojo Sales Training

We are dedicated to helping your sales organisation become world class. We can help you implement highly effective sales enablement programmes.

What makes us different?








Kojo will help you maximise return on investment:

  • We help you build an agile sales organisation: One where changes in sales strategy can be quickly transferred into sales behaviour
  • All Kojo Sales Training is based on rigorously developed sales methodologies. These are highly specific to your context, products and services
  • We deliver your learning using an intelligent mix of digital and human interaction modes. These modes could be; e-lessons, mobile, workshops, gaming and virtual classrooms so learners can choose their preferred learning medium.
  • Kojo training programmes deliver sustainable behaviour change through the use of carefully designed on-the-job assignments
  • We help you create financial value by setting up the most efficient smart sales enablement solution to meet your growth ambitions