Case study: Building a sales academy in a complex product environment

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The key success factor in building a successful Sales Academy – Partnership

How can we create a high impact sales academy where the sales team have complex product options? Kojo Academy is currently involved in creating a ground breaking sales academy where the client has a high value complex product.

In this situation, training needs to be spot on with detail, enhance reputation in sales skills in front of the customer and deliver immediate value. How are we doing this?

The Kojo Team worked alongside our client to develop a totally bespoke, blended and cutting-edge sales academy for the sales teams deployed across the UK; from Ireland to London. Establishing the underpinning business objectives for this client was essential from the start and it was achieved with a blend of online resources together with face to face practise-based workshops.


First of all, all content within the academy had to work hard for its place. Hence, this meant creating high quality online material that could be accessed anywhere in the field for quick reference. before, during or after engaging with customers.

The content needed to successfully harness the expert insight held by Product Specialists. Furthermore it had to be disseminated to sales teams in an appropriate way.

Sales managers are a key part of the delivery as coaches. This entails coaching learners throughout their journey, providing feedback and also advice for assignments and presentations.

A critical objective was to provide a framework to improve territory management in relation to multiple product targets. This requires overlaying multiple territory plans to form a well thought out actionable plan for each sales person.

Gathering together real product USP/Competitive advantages with customer needs is essential in order to secure ROI.

Integrating the academy with product’s internal update system allows for quarterly reviews to maintain content and keep the academy fresh.


The right blend to improve performance


Being a notorious group to impress, sales teams needed to be primed in the correct way to engage with the academy. Therefore, careful comms and marketing is necessary to achieve this.

Content creation relied heavily on cooperation from product management. Who of course have concerns about the transmission of technical detail to sales teams.

Striking the right blend between sales methodology and product insight within the training is crucial to ensure effectiveness.

In order to achieve maximum impact, Kojo interviewed, filmed and edited interviews from successful sales people . These insights were used to anchor the content and drive engagement.

Structuring the online prep work, the face-to-face training and follow-up assignments around the schedule of the learners was a logistical challenge for the academy.

Measuring outputs of the training had to account for the L&D systems.  Also, it had to work with existing LMS functionality. The internal product management process was adapted to ensure ‘ownership’.

The outcome

The sales academy is in full operational mode now.  It provides a thorough, joined up sales development programme to the salesforce.  Running over approximately 12 months, sales teams are learning the full product range and above all, are being measured on the sales of the various product ranges over time.


“This is some great work you guys are doing, the way it looks and your continuous engagement is a real credit to you all. I can’t wait to see this all in action with our sales teams.”

Area Business Manager


“Best course I have been on!”

“Very well structured.”

“Best training I have attended.”

Feedback from the sales team