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Reimagining the Sales force of 2020 and Beyond June 10, 2020 by  in kojo blog

What does the sales force of the future look like? Should we even have a sales force? Before the pandemic, customers were beginning to question the value of salespeople. With organisation less able and comfortable to receive visitors generally, how should we redesign sales forces in the future? What do customers really value? We will…

The power of a unique sales process March 16, 2020 by  in kojo blog

Every organisation has a unique selling proposition or USP, but few have translated this into a unique sales process. Here’s why it’s so important you do. Why have a sales process? A sales process is the series of steps or actions that you follow as you lead someone from first contact to becoming a loyal,…

How Are Sales Directors Professional Development Needs Met? September 2, 2019 by  in kojo blog, Latest News

Kojo Academy interviewed a selection of Sales Directors from different sectors on how they feel about their professional sales development. We summarise their thoughts here. “Sales is a lonely place”. You might think that Sales directors are in conversation with more people and have more contacts than any other department. In some ways this is…

10 great sales research sources July 9, 2019 by  in kojo blog, Latest News

In some ways, the sales development sector has been a story of the wild west and snake oil salesmen: “Follow my 6-step process in your industry and you will be the best in your sector for sales growth”. For many years, sales was considered an art not a science. Now sales research has come of…

Your 2020 sales training budget survival guide July 2, 2019 by  in kojo blog, Latest News

  Is it a bit early to start thinking about your sales development budget for 2020? We say now is the time to start! Many organisations begin their budgeting process at the end of summer, with the numbers hard baked by October. Assuming you want to involve external providers, how long will it take to…

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Objections – how do your sales team handle them? June 11, 2019 by  in Latest News

Do you find your sales teams are getting rattled by objections? Is it your impression that sales are stalling because of them? One of the crucial roles of sales enablement (and good sales management) is to help salespeople become successful. Managing objections is a ‘quick win’ topic that you can address today.

Is your CRM ‘shelfware’? May 8, 2019 by  in Latest News

Four ways to ensure your CRM is successful 49% of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) projects fail, and yet the returns on well-implemented CRMs are clear: customer insight, pipeline management, forecasting, internal co-ordination, performance coaching – the list goes on. AI  is now becoming embedded in various cloud systems, we all need to ensure we are…

Case study: Building a sales academy in a complex product environment April 18, 2019 by  in Latest News

The key success factor in building a successful Sales Academy – Partnership How can we create a high impact sales academy where the sales team have complex product options? Kojo Academy is currently involved in creating a ground breaking sales academy where the client has a high value complex product. In this situation sales training…

10 expressions to avoid in professional selling April 2, 2019 by  in Latest News

In 2018, I wrote a blog for Selling Interactions about “bad language in sales” It gave examples of ‘leaky language moments’ that sales people have and the risks of negative influence on clients (See the main points of the article below) Because sales enablement programmes are often so focused on strategy, products and marketing, training…

How can we start a Sales Enablement Culture? March 12, 2019 by  in Latest News

Many sales managers are increasingly considering sales enablement processes and strategies to achieve growth. However, the ongoing challenge is how to achieve this in the face of constant change of company product and the competitor landscape. In this article, we share some building blocks  so that you can get started on the sales Enablement roadmap….

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