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Good sales teams make their numbers – Great sales teams sell the right product to the right clients at the right time. The goal of Kojo Sales Academy with smart sales enablement is to make this happen for our clients. Using excellence in sales diagnostics, sales research, carefully crafted learning design and a combination of virtual sales training and sales coaching, Kojo Sales Academy delivers the results our client look for. Kojopro is the sales coaching platform that has been built from the ground up using proven practice and the best in digital diagnostics.

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Your objective toolkit for sales organisation development from Kojo Sales Academy. Complete with structured advice on People, Process and Strategy, Kojopro comes complete with the best in sales elearning design and learner experience. Kojopro – your sales coaching platform.

Based on experience of 200+ client projects, review of 1000+ sales best research papers and 100+ sales best practice books

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Perspectives on survival

Perspectives on survival

Without realising it, one of the most influential business books I have read is “The Living Company: Habits for Survival in a Turbulent Business Environment” by Arie de Gues, written way back in 1997. Books on business survival have not so popular in the last few years. If your sales organisation made it this far in ...
Reimagining the Sales force of 2020 and Beyond

Reimagining the Sales force of 2020 and Beyond

What does the sales force of the future look like? Should we even have a sales force? Before the pandemic, customers were beginning to question the value of salespeople. With organisation less able and comfortable to receive visitors generally, how should we redesign sales forces in the future? What do customers really value? We will explore hybrid ...
Making sense of sales technology and analytics

Making sense of sales technology and analytics

Have you ever been bamboozled by all the sales technology and analytics services out there in the marketplace? You are not alone! This is a very fast emerging field – a fact not lost in the world’s leading business schools too. Warwick Business School, for example, is running an open programme for the first time ...